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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Meet Jenna (South Florida Newborn Photographer)

Jenna's lovely mom, Michelle found my website on-line and contacted me about taking her newborn pictures. I usually only photograph newborns within the first 14 days, as they are still all curled up, easier to pose, and so so sleepy. After that tiny window of time, babies wake up, stretch out, and are far more difficult to photograph.  Unfortunately, this sweet pea had to spend extra time in the hospital. When we were finally about fit in her session she was already 17 days old. 
I spent a lot of time praying that she would sleep before she arrived. 
Jenna was the PERFECT angel! Michelle would feed her and she would go back to sleep.
 I had such a wonderful time photographing this divine & gorgeous girl and working with her sweet mother! Enjoy... 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Birthday Girl- Ariel

My friend, Janet asked me to take pictures of her gorgeous granddaughter, Ariel. 
We had so much fun trying to get her to laugh. I just love all of her little facial expressions!  
Happy Birthday to a yummy little princess with an ADORABLE personality!