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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Two Years Later... (Broward County Family Photographer)

Two years ago, I decided not to go back to college and get a Master’s Degree in Education. Yes, I still loved teaching, but I decided I wanted something more. Instead, my heart led me to chase this crazy dream of becoming a photographer. My friend Kat inspired me to follow my dream. Along my path, I met Rosie Hernandez, an already established and amazing photographer. Rosie was light years beyond me, but was so willing to help, nonetheless. I have also been very fortunate to be surrounded by my wonderful family, friends, and clients whom have been beyond supportive. My husband, Stephen, has been my biggest fan, and I know how lucky I am that he often takes care of our daughters and things around the house, so I can follow my heart.

Some days everything goes absolutely perfect and other days it does not. My friend, Rosie, the other day commented about her love hate relationship with photography, and that is exactly how I feel… At times it has frustrated me beyond words, while at other times I am blown away by the beauty it allows me to capture. Wherever this crazy roller-coaster leads me, I know it is worth the ride…

My first session, (above) was with my friend’s daughter Jordyn.  She was the perfect little model, because as an actress, she knows herself and has fabulous expressions. I have a feeling that one day soon, we may see her on Broadway or the Disney Channel!  I thought it was very fitting to celebrate my little anniversary with another session with Jordyn. I am proud of how we both have matured over the past two years! 

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