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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cherise & Rick- (Deerfield Beach Engagement Photographer)

I met beautiful Cherise many years ago when she was 7 and I was 17. Her mother, Denise asked me to teach Sunday School with her at church.  They have been a major part of my life, and my "other" family ever since. I loved babysitting Cherise and her little sister Leslie. We would make pizza, cookies, milkshakes, and popcorn, watch movies, and color plenty of nights. Their mom is like my second mother. They have been with me through graduating high school, college, my wedding, and my babies. My daughter, Isabella still sleeps with the blanket Cherise gave her when she was born. Now Cherise and Leslie are all grown up and babysit my two girls. I am so proud of them both and so blessed to be able to be apart  of their lives and to witness the phenomenal women they have grown into.  

Now Cherise is 26 and such a smart, gorgeous, and talented woman. She met her soul-mate Rick, who is just as wonderful, early in college. They are the perfect pair and we are so very happy for them. I had so much fun photographing the delightful love birds. I am so looking forward to the day they marry and the future when they have children of their own for us to spoil... 



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